About Lightleader®

LightLeader® is all about utilizing the energy contained in Solar radiations that soak the Earth in the form of Sunlight for about 12 hours every day.

Putting this thought at the centre of our vision which is “Strive to maximize Solar Energy Utilization on Earth, for Earth and hold everybody accountable for maximizing utilization of Solar Energy by defining a quotient called Solar Energy Quotient (SEQ)”.

Solar Energy Quotient is obtained by dividing the total Solar Energy generated on the area of land you own or use, by the total solar energy it receives. For eg. Most of India receives about 1900 kWH/Sq mtr of Solar energy per annum (source Wikipedia) on an average. If I own or are using (rental or lease) a land parcel of size 50 Sq Mtr in India, then the total Solar Energy that I receive is 95000 kWH per annum. If I generate 18000 kWH of Solar energy per annum, then my SEQ is 0.19.

LightLeader® is an initiative of Conceptia. Conceptia is an Engineering Design Services company focussed on innovation in the field of Engineering with an emphasis on products and services that promote sustainability.



  • Determine power consumption demands.
  • Size the PV modules
  • Inverter sizing
  • Battery sizing
  • Solar charge controller sizing
  • PV module mounting structure
  • 3D model of the PCU
  • SLD & Schematic drawings


  • Examine location options for mounting the PV arrays
  • Pre-engineering system packages
  • Estimation of material required
  • Quality check
  • Commissioning
  • Safety & Protection


  • Authorized and Quality Products
  • UV resistant products


  • Periodically inspection of the system.
  • Cleaning of PV array.
  • Monitoring system performance & Logs.



LightLeader Grid tied system is most evident benefit of net metering is to consumers. By installing LightLeader net metering in your home or businesses, you can reduce the amount of money you spend each year on energy by paying electricity bills. You can even make money if you produce more than you consume and your utility company pays you for that excess energy at the retail rate.

  • The system is easy and low-cost. It enables you to get real value for the energy they produce, without having an expensive battery storage system.
  • It allows homeowners and businesses to produce energy, which takes some of the pressure off the grid, especially during periods of peak consumption.
  • It encourages consumers to play an active role in alternative energy production, which both protects the environment and helps preserve natural energy resources.


LightLeader off-grid system is designed to work on it’s own for residence and remote businesses. It is not connected to the mains power supply or any other power grid. It solely relies on the solar panels and other power conditioning resources to produce the power which then stored in batteries. which provides consumer with a continual source of economical and natural power.

LightLeader off grid system produces more energy at a low installation and operating cost compare to any standalone solar or Diesel Gen-set.


Residences and Businesses

Electricity for remote area

Educational Institutes & Hospitals

EV Charging station

Industrial / Warehouse Premises

Marine Vessels

Petrol stations Lighting

Solar Energy Management System


LightLeader 18Kwp Off-Grid PV solar plant

Conceptia has successfully completed 18 kW Off grid solar power plant in collaboration with M/s Tetra West under the brand name LightLeader and is now operational at Conceptia Office in Bangalore.

  • Sizing of the PV modules
  • Inverter sizing
  • Battery bank sizing
  • Solar charge controller sizing
  • Design of PV module mounting structure steel
  • SLD & Schematic drawings of the system.

LightLeader 3 kW Grid Connected solar plant (Hybrid system)

Conceptia has successfully completed 3 kW grid connected solar power plant with net metering .

  • Sizing of the PV modules
  • Inverter sizing
  • Battery bank sizing
  • Solar charge controller sizing
  • Design of PV module mounting structure steel
  • SLD & Schematic drawings of the system.
  • Commissioning with Net Metering.

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